Unofficial Results Show Gila County Residents Support Prop 100


Early election results show proposition 100, a temporary one percent state sales tax increase, has passed, with Gila County residents overwhelmingly supporting the measure.

With 100 percent of Gila County polls reporting as of 10:40 p.m. Tuesday, 60 percent of residents (6,480) had voted in favor of the tax increase, with 4,304 voting no, according to the Secretary of State's Office.

Statewide, 64 percent of voters supported the proposition.

These totals do not include early ballots dropped off at polling places or provisional ballots cast at the polls. Early ballots make up the majority of votes counted Tuesday.

In Gila County, 37 percent of registered voters turned out to vote on the highly contested item, which if passed could save hundreds of education, health and public safety programs from drastic cuts.

According to the Gila County Government Web site, passage of the proposition would raise approximately $1 billion a year for the state over the next three years. Two-thirds of that revenue would fund K-12 education and the other one-third, health and human services and public safety.

Official results will be announced June 1.

Read more about the results and their impact locally in Friday's Roundup.


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 8 months ago

A statewide rejection of Thayer Verschoor's philosophy of "cut, cut, cut some more, cut until there's nothing left."

However, the work is far from finished. We need to support candidates who will get serious about the state budget. It's going to take more than just slashing public services to get Arizona working again, a fact that was so lost on our legislators that they refused to pass Proposition 100 themselves. Let's kick out the bums in November!


Dan Varnes 6 years, 8 months ago

Since it seems that you're anxious to get back on the "spend, spend, spend, until there's nothing left" bandwagon, feel free to donate as much personal funds as you wish to the wasteful, governmental programs that all politicians on BOTH sides love to trot out before us.

But please keep your hands out of my pockets. I don't appreciate theft, even it's referred to as "getting Arizona working again."

More taxation never got anyone working again, anywhere.


Pat Randall 6 years, 8 months ago

How many registered voters in Payson voted and how did they vote, yes or no? Yes, I voted early because I had a Dr.s appt in Mesa on voting day. It was a big NO.


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