A Belated Thank You



To everyone that helped make JRE’s Spring Fling a success — thank you. A special thanks goes out to the Kiwanis for serving up the generosity with their hot dogs and brats. Gerardo, your pizza was delicious. Scoops, your ice cream was a hit. Becky from Chili’s for icing us down, you always come through. Barbara Underwood, the adoption rate in Payson is now 10 times what it was, thanks for being part of that. Payson Fire Department, your booth was a dead ringer! FFA, the petting zoo and pony rides were as popular as ever.

To the students from PCS, thanks for your hard work. To the parents that help from start to finish, the parents that bake the cupcakes, brought the basket donations, a big thank you. To my “Basket Queen” you rock as usual, Dawn.

To the people that bought our baskets, you help raise almost $1,400. Mrs. Miller, your car-to-car flier was the reason for that $1,400, thank you. To my teachers and staff, your clean up efforts were more than I could have hoped for. A special thanks to Sue Becker, my right-hand man, I truly couldn’t have done it without you. JRE is in good hands.

Susi Carr


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