Documentary On Small Town Life Filming In Payson


An upcoming documentary that producers hope captures small-town nostalgia and the joy of reinvigorating lapsed relationships will soon start filming in Payson.

Clinton Chatfield, who graduated from Payson High School in 1997, recently started Skubarats Production with friend Hugh Rodman. The duo has recruited a high-level team to work with them on the documentary, which they hope to film at the former Main Street Grille, also known as the Heritage House.

The Heritage House, now owned by a bank, played a pivotal role for the town’s sense of community, said Chatfield. Originally built in 1926 as a private residence, the building has operated as several restaurants, most recently the Main Street Grille.

The movie will feature six men who graduated from PHS in ’98 or ’99 — Marc Bennett, Hunter Walden, John “Heath” Bebout, Jake Sopeland, Noah Fife and Matt Flynn. Ideally, Chatfield wants to film overnight at the Heritage House, which has had reports of ghost activity.

“This is kind of a reunion for them,” said Chatfield. All have started diverse careers, and many have lost touch, although Chatfield still speaks to all. One works as a school teacher, another a firefighter, one attends medical school, and another fabricates metal.

“We’re basically setting this up as small-town America,” Chatfield said.

The men have grown, seen birth and death, tragedy and happiness, and the documentary would capture the men as they reminisce and discuss how small town America living has affected their lives.

As they revisit their childhoods, the men view their lives differently, and remember their early dreams. The film’s climax involves the transformation that follows self-discovery.

“Each character really has a unique story,” Chatfield said. But, “we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to see a ghost.”

Although this film will be a documentary, Chatfield said the story idea could later be turned into a fictional feature film.

The film will shoot late June, and the setting is still undetermined.

Chatfield is looking for places to shoot, and for people who know interesting stories about the Heritage House.

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