Many People Helped With Tonto Nrcd Ag. Education Field Day



On behalf of The Tonto National Resource Conservation District, I, Lori Brown, would like to thank Lani Hall, our Gila County 4-H extension leader, and Johnna Kile, my assistant activity director, for all their time, thought and hard work to make this as good as I expected it to be.

Without the efforts of everyone involved giving 100 percent, this would not have been such a successful event. Thanks to all my volunteers that helped participate in this event, everyone did a super job. H-4 Ranch and Old West Ranch Adventures (Bill Brown Family, Bill, Willie, Megan, Jessie and Daylen Brown, Miguel Varela and Brian and Debbie Jennings) for all their preparation, wagons, farm equipment, cattle, horses and the western atmosphere we enjoyed.

Thanks to H-4 Ranch and V8 Quarter Horse Ranch (Lee and Sue Hunsaker and Dareld Hunsaker) for all the petting zoo animals. Thanks to Lani Hall and Johnna Kile for the Stick Horse Ranch Rodeo. Thanks to our Super Looper Ropers: trainers, Joe Guderyahn, Barbara Reed, Chase and Ashley Reed, Justin Deaton, Robert and Nick Auguries. Thanks to Glen and Nancy Jamison and Laura Lee Connolly for the sign branding booth. Thanks to Susan Bolt, our secretary NRCD, John and Carol Dryer with NRCD to be in charge of the barbecue lunch. Thanks to Dan Hanna and Sons Cubby and Brandon from Springerville and Dareld Hunsaker to help with our harnessing demonstration. Bill Brown and Brian Jennings for the hay cutting demonstration with the 4-abreast hook-up. Katrina Kuney from Pine 4-H for demonstrating sheep shearing. Pine Ice (Tom and Kathy Weeks and Freddie and Laura Mirand) for donating ice and ice machine. Quality Pumping (Joe, Shelly and Chancy Brown) for donating port a johns. Thanks to Mr. Wendell Stevens and the Payson FFA kids that volunteered to come help.

Thanks to the Payson Rodeo Committee for giving all the kids a free rodeo ticket. Thanks to Payson APS for donating bags for all the kids. To all my other volunteers Charlene and Molly Hunt, Beth Brooks, Shelby Hill, Jessy Wedell, Jim Sprinkle and whoever I forgot, I’m sorry, but I truly thank you all! Last, but not least, we would like to thank Payson Elementary School fourth-graders for their time to test our program. Jodi Lorenz helped make this event happen and we appreciate her consistency.

Thanks to Ms. Lorenz, Mrs. Randall and Mrs. Ryden for having us in their classroom to share our lessons with their classes. Along with Game and Fish, David Daniels for his school presentation. Joining us on field day was Heidi Kuney and Pine 4-H, along with Brandy Cline and Laura Snelling with Tonto Basin 4-H and volunteers Duane and Bev Steele, Travis Williams and Sara Houston, chaperones and Tonto Basin School for providing transportation.

We had over 115 kids attend this field day served 175 barbecue lunches with staff and volunteers and hope they enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks to Tonto NRCD for sponsoring this event. We also want to thank RAC for the future grant along with Tonto NRCD that will help continue our agriculture education throughout the youth of our Gila County schools next year 2011-2012. Thank you.

Lori Brown,

H-R Ranch at, Tonto NRCD Supervisor, Arizona Cattle Growers Assoc., Tonto Cowbells


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