New Immigration Law Is Absolutely The Correct Answer



The proof that Arizona’s SB 1070 is the absolutely correct answer at the perfect time is all the purple-faced, bug-eyed, slobber-slinging diatribes being launched against it by the left. They are petrified that other states might replicate SB 1070. It calls to mind the following quote: “We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us” by V. I. Lenin.

Anyone who says the bill embodies racial profiling is a bald-faced liar, an idiot, or both. Quite reasonably and logically, Arizona does not give a tinker’s dam about whether the illegal alien murderer, mugger, robber, rapist, drug dealer or cartel honcho, drunk driver, common thief or car jacker came from Mexico, Columbia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Cuba or any other country on the planet.

Nor does Arizona give a tinker’s dam about whether the terrorist came from Afghanistan, Egypt, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the Sudan, China, Yemen or any other terrorist-exporting country on the planet. If they are illegal-alien criminals, none of them are welcome in Arizona.

Arizona cares about its law-abiding citizens, its murdered ranchers, its killed or wounded law enforcement officers, and the increasing burdens of drugs and crime that the (federal government’s) refusal to secure our southern border is causing in Arizona.

Obama, his socialist majority in Congress, and his kindred-spirit, hate-America liberals in several states and cities around the country do not care about any of those points in the preceding paragraph. They only care about an Obamacare-style Congressional ram-through of another amnesty bill (or, more politically correct: “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” — same thing) which will grant all of the above-noted characters U.S. citizenship.

The 1986 amnesty gained 2.7 million illegal-alien voters for Democrats. Six smaller amnesties since then gained another 3 million. Today, we are talking about up to 20 million more. Using the 250,000-man street-gang army authorized by 2009’s HR 1388, they can bus all these new voters from polling place to polling place at the next elections which, they hope, will offset the votes of the over 50 percent of the American public that Obama’s regime has sorely aggravated, allow the Democrats to retain their Congressional majority; and, thus, continue their socialist overthrow of America’s Constitutional Republic.

Terry Putnam



Jimi Alexander 6 years, 8 months ago

You had a good argument going, and then you had to bring in conspiracy theorist talking points about socialism into it.

To quote my favorite political pundit, "This an IDIOT."


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