Gold Is Popular



In the early days of his reign in the 1300s King Philip the Fair of France saw a novel way to enrich his treasury by the confiscating of the Knights Templar’s enormous wealth, the largest in Europe at that time. This was done by various phony charges with tortured confessions which resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent knights.

In 1933, President Roosevelt called in all gold throughout his kingdom (USA) and gave the people paper money in return for their gold. It was also a 10-year prison term for those who hoarded their gold along with confiscating of ones gold. Money was almost worthless at that time.

Has anyone noticed that people are buying up gold like crazy? TV is swamped with companies offering gold for sale, billions and billions sold.

Suppose the anointed one saw a good opportunity here to fill the treasury coffers and pay back China and other bond holders with gold, by repeating FDR’s idea of confiscating the people’s gold in 1933. After all, FDR set a precedent for this action.

Think about it? This could happen. Comrade Obama has all the qualification to pull off such a dastardly deed as this. It’s the Chicago way of doing business. This would not surprise me one bit to see this happen. He seems to have the habit of repeating history like trying to turn USA into the likes of socialist Europe, when it’s so obvious that socialism has failed there.

Obama could care less what the American people want, it’s what Obama wants — socialism that is.

Ed Welge


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