Town Did Not Do Its Homework



This is in response to the Oct. 22 headline “Firefighter crew size poses danger.” Bottom line on this topic — which shouldn’t be a topic, is that the city of Payson didn’t do their financial homework before they decided to build the third fire station. How could they build a third fire station and not have the funds to man it properly after it was built? The fire chief’s quote is a classic (“The third station is a fact now”). The only thing he left off the quote is — so what are you going to do about it? Next phase = scare tactic — “Firefighter crew size poses danger.” Must be ex-fire personnel on the Roundup’s staff.

The only thing that is missing from this article is how much the insurance rating will improve (less insurance costs) with larger truck crews. That’s usually the second thing that comes into play after safety issues. Of course, the city could always blame the recession for this dilemma, and to some extent, this could be the case. As a concerned resident, my suggestion would be to let the new station remain empty until there are sufficient funds to man it as the city (with the fire department’s input) deems adequate.

John Cailey


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