Reach Out To Save A Life


Depression is a serious problem in Rim Country. Gila County’s suicide rate ranks among the highest in the state, and suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens nationally. Not everyone suffering from depression kills himself, but a depressed person is much more likely to plot his demise than a happy person.

Teens often lack the experience to know that nothing lasts forever — not the bullying, the heartbreak of a broken relationship nor even the cruelty of the cool kids. Fear not, nothing lasts forever.

But students at Payson High School say depression is a serious problem on campus. Every generation suffers through high school, and this generation is no different. We congratulate the student-led group forming at Payson High School to raise awareness about the painful and sometimes stigmatized topic of depression. Suicide hurts those left behind even as it alleviates the pain of the person who suffered.

The movie that the group will show Monday night in Payson High School’s auditorium, “To Save A Life,” will discuss these topics as a cool kid re-thinks his life after a childhood friend kills himself. Students say the movie can change lives, and both kids and adults will be on hand for anyone who wants to talk.

The group talks about a revolution of “uncliquishness” on campus, and we think that’s a pretty noble goal. Half of depression’s battle is how alone the afflicted feel. By reaching out, perhaps those students can save a life.


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