Anti-Education Party Gave Us Dismal Ranking



For those too young to remember the cartoon character “Pogo,” he was famous for the oft quoted, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

The Payson Roundup, following Tuesday’s election, led off with two big stories: “Schools fear cuts; Superintendent: ‘Everybody is going to have to cowboy up.’ Below that, “Voters veer hard right.”

Arizona is number 49, just ahead of Mississippi, in spending on education. The party just returned to power by a two to one margin in Gila County, is the party that is, and has been, responsible for placing Arizona in this dubious position. The only money they spend on education is what is required by law!

Even Elaine Bohlmeyer, whose platform was “Better education for our children,” was turned away in favor of a candidate who “doesn’t want higher taxes.” How do you think you are going to educate your children now? Watch for another request from Payson School District for a tax increase ... real soon.

Pogo was right.

Maybe there will be a recurrence in comic strips, because the way our education system is headed, comic strips will be the only thing your kids will be able to understand.

Ted Paulk


frederick franz 6 years, 2 months ago

Yes Ted, just after the recent school tax override has passed, providing extra school funds for the next 3 years, they are going to ask for more money.

I give higher credit to our teachers and students who can do just fine with the current funding!


don evans 6 years, 2 months ago

Wahhh, wahhhh, ring out your crying towel and man up. Govt. schooling has resulted in kids ONLY being able to read SOME comic strips.


Dan Varnes 6 years, 2 months ago

I wish Mr. Paulk would take time from his busy letter-writing routine and research the states that spend the MOST taxpayer funds per student. If he did, he'd see that more money spent doesn't translate to better education. Throwing money at a problem rarely accomplishes anything, and schools are no exception.

"The highest spending state, Vermont, is rated 30th in SAT scores nationwide. The lowest spending state, Utah, gets higher SAT scores from their students and is ranked 20th above Vermont. Far less money, higher score. The Best State (highest) SAT score comes from Iowa yet their spending of $9,977 per student is right in the middle at 25th and right at the national average of spending. The Worst State Sat score comes from Maine yet it spends the 5th most money in the nation."


"With all the spending coming out of Congress, we might want to ask for more accountability on results. The various state legislatures, that are making spending decisions, clearly can not show that more money leads to better results."

SAT Scores, by state


Ted Paulk 6 years, 2 months ago

I don't really care what they are doing in Vermont or Utah. I care about the kids in Payson and the lack of support that comes from the capitol. I would take time out from my "busy letter writing routine" if there was less BS to address: The constrant cry for more $ for more cops and firemen. Ridiculously high salaries, commisserate with Sedona and Scottsdale for city administrators in this little town, paying Buzz to retire and then hiring him back...just to name a few.


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