Branding Party Makes Wood Wall Mountain Beautiful


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

Well Halloween is officially over, but I had a large response with some really terrific photos. I tried to get in as many as I could. With Halloween gone new events have already sprung up.

Ever wonder what to do with a plain blank wood wall in your yard? Why, have a branding party of course.

So, Pam, Dave, Dallas and Pete borrowed the big fire pit. Then invited some neighbors and got some cheese popcorn. When the bonfire was blazing, the branding irons were set into the coals until red hot. Time for the event began. PVD. BLJ. Local brands were seared.

Of course, the OW and 13 ranches were prominent. The wall turned out mountain beautiful. At the branding party, the men were all invited to Rodney’s for breakfast the next morning. Then they were going to help mill the big oak logs waiting in the Grey Hackle driveway. Breakfast was great.

Randy Slapnicka even brought biscuits and elk gravy from his Bugle Restaurant in Forest Lakes. However, the sawmill never came that day. So there was a lot of jawin’ and not much sawin’. Kenn Gorecki got up early for that breakfast, made coffee and tiptoed out so’s not to wake his wife.

However, tooling down the road on his maroon machine, he wondered ... did he put the pot/carafe/urn under the drip? He found out when he got home. A pretty peeved Pat showed him how to clean up the mess.

Karen Thornton had a Halloween party that night. The traditional bonfire, BLJ did lights and played music outside. Inside, a table covered with snacks and munchies.

Witches, hairy monsters, and even Garfield’s mother and the blind guy with super dog Shado leading the way to the food. When I approached the table to get some potato chips, a green hand in the bowl slapped my hand. Reached in again, and whap, did it again. Discovered, if you sneaked to the back of the bowl you could fool the green hand, get some chips, and not get slapped.

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Thanks again for reading the column.


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