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Owner Daniel Taft recently celebrated the grand opening of Computer Guys USA in the Bashas’ shopping center. The store specializes in computer repairs of Macintosh and PCs.

Misbehaving computers are most people’s nemesis.

From never-ending pop-up windows, encrypted error messages, spyware and screen freezes — it’s enough to make you want to throw the machine away and start over.

But before you take an ax to that Mac, bring it to the Computer Guys USA, where one of several computer specialists is sure to find a fix to that “spinning wheel of death” (a colloquial for Apple’s spinning wait cursor, indicating a program is not responding).

Owner Daniel Taft said Computer Guys USA (formerly Computer Problem Specialists) offers onsite, in-house and remote service for just about every computer woe, from removal of adware, viruses and worms to an upgrade of an operating system and the simple installation of a printer.

If a computer needs a complete overhaul, everything is fixed and the computer is returned with the owner’s original settings intact.

From a screensaver, to e-mail and software, everything is returned — the only thing missing are the problems.

“We set it back up like it never happened,” he said. “This is the difference with us.”

Besides repairs, Computer Guys USA offers de-fragmentation and cleanup of hard drives, physical cleanup of dust buildup, performance tests of hardware devices, operating system updates and personal training on computer use.

Taft has been offering computer repair services in Rim Country for the last six years.

He opened his first office in his home’s garage off East Frontier Street.

While business was always good, things really took off when Taft deployed red Mini Coopers throughout the town with the company’s logo attached to the side.

Service specialists — donning white doctor’s coats — drive the Coopers when making house calls.

For out-of-town residents or smaller fixes, specialists remotely connect with a customer’s computer. This means virtually anyone, anywhere there is an Internet signal, can be helped. Customers give permission for a one-time, encrypted session and a specialist logs in, takes over the computer and makes all repairs, Taft explained.

Taft has expanded the business from Payson through Globe, where he holds several contracts with the government including with the Globe Unified School District.

Business has been so good, Taft moved the whole operation from his home to a new location, at 300 E. Highway 260, next to Arby’s in the Bashas’ shopping center.

Taft has similar plans to open storefronts in Globe as well as other rural communities. Eventually, he would like to franchise the whole operation and go national.

Computer Guys USA sells new MSI desktops and laptops, each with an extended warranty.

Taft said he stands behind MSI as one of the best computer manufacturers around.

Computer Guys USA is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

For more information, call (928) 468-0000 or visit


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