Elections Open To Highest Bidder



So, can an American election be bought? Well, if you ask Karl Rove, Dick Armey or the national chamber of commerce, their answer would be — “You Betcha!”

It only took over six times as much campaign and advertising money for the Republicans to bring about this “grass roots” landslide. And, due to the Republicans blocking Obama’s move to require disclosure of identities of those who contribute to the election process, we have no idea who financed this election. Did they do this for our (the people’s) sake? If so, why would they not want to disclose who they are? I am proud of the contributions that I made — why aren’t they?

When I try to decide how to vote on propositions, I am so confused by the wording (which often is written so that a No vote actually means Yes) that I usually decide how to vote by seeing who is supporting the proposition. If it is supported by someone or an organization that I respect, then I will likely vote accordingly. Perhaps if we knew who was spending huge sums supporting a candidate, we might see that the money was coming from someone or an interest group that we would not support. But without that disclosure, we have no way of knowing.

The recent “citizens united” decision by the Supreme Court has opened our elections to the highest bidder. This should be something that all Americans could join together to protest.

Wendy Trainor


Debbie Button 6 years, 2 months ago

Elections bought? Your kidding arn't you. Before you point the finger at Republicans ask President Obama where he got over 400 million in 2008. He still has not provided an answer for that. Elections bought. George Soros bought the 2008 election. Wake up or loose your freedom.


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