Too Many Differences



In the article “Grand Canyon Mystery” on Nov. 5 it was stated that the lifeless earth could “spawn the first, single cell life forms.” Then we are presented with the evolutionary dogma that the DNA evidence suggests that chimps and humans shared a common ancestor some 5 to 8 million years ago. I have dealt with old earth assumptions in previous letters so I would like to inform the readers about some facts they have probably never seen.

  1. The very same DNA evidence which could suggest a common ancestor could also suggest a common designer who used variations of the same blueprint to design different types of the animal kinds and human kind.

  2. A 2 percent difference between human and chimp DNA amounts to 90 million differences between them. There is no known way to account for that many differences, even given the age supported by evolutionists. The 2 percent difference was found when the scientists only compared the parts of the chromosomes they knew were very similar. Further research has found many more differences.

  3. Chimps have at least 10 percent more DNA than humans. Shouldn’t that equal a 12 percent difference?

  4. Major rearrangements of 4 to 10 percent of the information are not included in the total.

  5. Another 5 percent difference emerges when indels are included.

  6. The Y chromosome of the chimp lacks 50 percent of the information of the human Y chromosome.

(Numbers 4, 5 and 6 were taken from research presented at The National Academy of Sciences and an article in Nature Magazine.)

These facts show that there are far too many differences to be accounted for in order for the evolution story to be true. The two kinds had to be created separately.

Pete Greer


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