Hair Stylist Joins Merlinda’S Hair Salon Staff


Cheryl Mileham, who for years owned beauty salons and taught at beauty colleges, has returned to Payson to cut and style hair.

Mileham said she regrets the day she moved away from Payson in 1996, but is thankful to return.

“I’m back,” she said.

Mileham, who was briefly cutting hair at Walmart, is now working at Merlinda’s Hair Salon, 512 S. Beeline Highway, Suite 9.

Mileham has been cutting hair for more than four decades. She explained she started styling in 1969, right out of high school.

Throughout the years, she owned six salons throughout the state.

Ultimately, she decided to sell the salons and work at a cosmetology school in the Valley.

For nearly three years, Mileham said she enjoyed instructing, but missed the hands-on work of styling.

“Every time I would check a cut, I realized I miss this,” she said.

It wasn’t until Mileham came to Payson several weeks ago for a doctor’s appointment that she realized Payson is where she wants to work and live again.

Besides her friends in town, Mileham said Payson is the best place she has found to live.

“I am looking forward to rebuilding my clientele,” she said. Mileham offers colors, cuts and perms.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (928) 468-2003 or (928) 951-1264.


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