Sen. Allen Appointed Chairman Of State Sovereignty Committee


Senate President-elect Russell Pearce announced his appointment of Sen. Sylvia Allen (R) as chairman of the newly-formed Border Security, Federalism, and State Sovereignty Committee.

The committee’s mandate is to address Arizona’s right to protect and meet its citizens’ needs. Allen, who has just been elected to her third term in the Senate, has also been appointed president pro tempore and is expected to be appointed to the Appropriations and the Water & Rural Development Committees, as well.

Allen is enthusiastic over her chairmanship assignment: “I believe in our nation’s founding documents and the checks and balances put within the Constitution to keep the federal government from overreaching.”

Arizona has unique challenges which require specific solutions, Allen says.

“Our Washington, D.C.-based government cannot respond emotionally or physically to our issues, as we’ve seen in regard to border safety. We’re working on a crisis level. States must be allowed to solve their own urgent problems, with positive support from the federal level.”


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