Politics And Nuclear Weapons Don’T Mix



One of the Roundup’s regular Opinion Page contributors just doesn’t “get it.” Although he rails regularly at our president and flails against any perceived slight to our nation’s wealthiest corporations and citizens, his latest pronouncement is bizarre.

Arizona’s own U.S. Senator, Jon Kyl, seems so intent on denying President Obama any kind of legislative success that he’s decided to block the New Start arms control agreement with Russia that will modestly reduce the number of deployed nuclear warheads of each country to 1,550 from 2,200.

More importantly, New Start will restore “verification” inspections along with the exchange of other crucial nuclear weapon information between the U.S. and Russia.

Here’s his “official” press release of Nov. 16:

“When Majority Leader Harry Reid asked me if I thought the treaty could be considered in the lame duck session, I replied I did not think so given the combination of other work Congress must do and the complex and unresolved issues related to START and modernization. I appreciate the recent effort by the Administration to address some of the issues that we have raised and I look forward to continuing to work with Senator Kerry, DOD, and DOE officials.”

What Mr. Kyl failed to mention is that there have already been countless briefings and 21 Senate hearings on the treaty — sufficient for Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, the country’s top military leaders, six former secretaries of state (from both parties), five former secretaries of defense (from both parties) and seven former nuclear weapons commanders to endorse it.

Why isn’t he more interested in our nation’s security? The election is over. It’s time to stop this ridiculous political posturing and do what’s right for ALL Americans — not just one’s political party.

Larry Brophy


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