A Mission To Romania


Standing in the middle square of Timisoara, history comes alive as the trip leader shared the details of the many years of heartache for the Romanian and Hungarian people, as well as the great joy that followed in December 1989 that ended the revolutionary war.


Photo courtesy of Simone Lake

Front of the church where the conference was held and some of the older folks of the congregation. The couple on the right donated the land for the church

Vividly remembering the details, tears flooded her eyes as she continued the story of how a Christian pastor stood on the platform (currently used as an outdoor opera house) and facing the people with the beautiful backdrop of a Greek Orthodox church, he was so moved by God that he quickly gets the attention of the people in this crisis situation.

In this open, wide, cobblestone square, this pastor pleads with the Christian people to bow the knee and pray to the holy God to move upon the government leaders, break the regime and bring peace and liberty to their country.

The square was packed with frightened, yet bold people who got on their knees and crying out with Romanian prayers of desperation, prayed to the holy God in heaven. God heard. The communist regime was broken — televised for the whole world to see. Continued praises are lifted up today at the powerful mighty right hand of God who moved on their behalf.


Photo courtesy of Simone Lake

Romanian women working on Bible assignment in III John.

This recap of history was the beginning of this Paysonite starting my Romanian missionary trip in October of 2010. I was invited to join the team of Greater Reach Ministries and International Needs Romania to teach at a conference and serve in various other ministries.

My favorite thing to do, I jumped at the opportunity. Although I lived in Madrid, Spain with my family when I was younger, this was the first time to go to Europe as an adult. Thrilled to travel to the same region area of countries that marked the hub of the three missionary trips of Apostle Paul of the New Testament is what sealed the deal.


Photo courtesy of Simone Lake

Simone (sitting) looks at map where ministries are planted in the Romanian area.

My topic of teaching was: how to read, study and teach the Bible, a timely teaching considering the former history and culture of the Romanians. Prior to 1989, they were not allowed to own or have the liberty to read the Bible, fast forward to now, 20 years later, having the joy of reading, but also the desire of digging deeper and understanding it in a 3-D like way.

A graduate of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and a current teacher at The Center for Women with Vision, an educational institute located at Phoenix Seminary, I believe that anyone who has a sincere desire to increase their understanding of the Bible can learn how to read, study and understand it for themselves.


Photo courtesy of Simone Lake

Simone by the poster of speakers.

The Bible is the inerrant word of God, coming in the flesh of Jesus when He walked the earth 2,000 years ago and written in the pages of the Bible for the common person to learn about Him today. Understanding of the Bible is not reserved for those who have gone to years of school and received a bunch of paper certificates, nor is it only reserved for those ordained to teach the Bible. Understanding is for all those who have a sincere desire to learn and grow deeper by learning some basic tools.

During my teaching on the trip, students were given basic tools of observation, interpretation and application of the Bible by using Psalm chapter one for practice. Then the students were broken up into small groups to utilize the skills I had just taught them, by going through and completing the third letter of John in the New Testament.

It was amazing to see the hunger of God’s word and the desire to dig in and comprehend and understand what that passage meant in the Bible 2,000 years ago and how that same word back then ministers to them currently through application. 


Photo courtesy of Simone Lake

Simone Lake’s mission work in Romania required not only a regular interpreter, but a sign language interpreter as well.

True to my commitment of short-term missionary trips, since 2005 I have traveled to Venezuela, Honduras, Kenya, Canada, Mexico, St. Thomas and now Romania. Whether I am organizing and leading a team or joining another team, I have been able to travel to various continents of the world.

Greater Reach Ministries, lead by Dr. Kristen Beasley, is based out of Phoenix and currently developing a Global Institute and I am looking forward to teaching overseas more with this Global Institute.

Multumesc (thank you in Romanian) to all those who support me on this trip with prayers and finances.

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Simone Lake, the founder of Deep Roots in Christ Ministries, focuses on the many strong “roots” of a strong tree, including, teaching, speaking, training, short term missions, author.

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Lake is a pastor’s wife and full-time minister. She serves in the areas of Bible teacher, speaker and author. She is also a chaplain, short term missionary, prayer leader, and mentor. She holds a master’s degree in theological studies and attends Church on Randall Place, where she serves in various capacities alongside her husband, Pastor John Lake. Read more about her speaking engagements, Bible studies and upcoming events at: www.simonelake.com or www.simonelake.blogspot.com or www.facebook .com/SimoneLake.


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