Where’S The Money Going?



I’ve been reading and donating money and supplies to your Humane Society for years now. I know there have been wine tasting events as well as other fund-raisers to raise funds the organization.

My question: Where is all of the money going? It appears that you’re not making any headway toward the new building that I thought some time ago, had enough money raised to start. What happened? Is it that you have a “no kill policy”? If that is so, and you are rescuing animals from all around the Rim Country, you’ll never get the needed facilities, as more and more people seem to think pets are disposable items.

As heartbreaking as it is to release these animals to death after a reasonable time has elapsed and they’ve not been adopted, to me, it’s even more heartbreaking to let all rescued animals be deprived of comfort and necessities because the money is not being allocated in a business-like way.

I hope you accept the words of this letter in the spirit of love and reasonableness in which it is written.

C. Anne Boisvert


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