Allen Will Honor Right To Life



According to the recent Arizona Catholic Conference Voter’s Guide, Arizona State Senate candidate Sylvia Allen supports: school vouchers; defining traditional marriage as between one man and one woman; making illegal immigration a state crime; and implementing a temporary guest worker program.

Allen opposes: embryonic stem cell research; assisted suicide; taxpayer-funded abortion; and mandated “emergency contraception: (the “morning after” pill.)

Allen’s opponent, Elaine Bohlmeyer, on the other hand, did not (or refused to) answer the questionnaire. Which leads one to ask: Does Ms. Bohlmeyer still believe that “Abstinence (education) is ineffective” despite all evidence to the contrary?

Does she still deny the increasingly well-documented scientific evidence of the link between abortion and breast cancer? Does she still believe it is more important to tell women about the risks of pregnancy than the far greater risks from abortion?

In light of our God-given, inalienable right to life, it is imperative that we elect representatives who will honor this right to life ahead of all other politically correct and ideology or party politics.

Without life it doesn’t matter whether we strengthen education, create jobs or support veterans.

C. Suhr


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