Democrat Legislative Candidates Are Just More Of The Same



The Sept. 14 Roundup had an editorial plus another section on the CAC interview of three Democrat candidates for Rim Country political offices — Bohlmeyer for Senator Allen’s seat, and Winslow and Shumway competing for legislative seats against Barton and Crandall. What was “refreshing,” in studying these articles, was that these “sensible” candidates sound exactly like the Democrats in Congress and the state Legislature — they have never met a tax, expenditure, regulation, bureaucrat, or illegal alien they did not like. Their solutions to everything are: a bigger pile of money; tax increases on everything and everyone; “close loop holes and tax credits and exemptions” (more tax increases on everyone who itemizes); and the usual Marxist class warfare upon “the rich” and “well-off” who, invariably, turn out to be the American middle class. They also show the normal Democrat ignorance of what is actually required to stimulate an economy and create jobs — reduce regulations and taxes on small business, large business, industry ... all the entities that actually provide jobs and incomes to working people, and are at the top the list of “the rich” and “well-off.”

Most telling was that they despise SB 1070, and support amnesty. Our federal government masters will not secure the border; will continue to aid, abet, subsidize and reward invaders; to (quoting Paul Gosar) “allow illegal drug smugglers, human traffickers, criminals and murderers, sex trade operators, and others to cross our borders illegally, burden our schools and our jails and our hospitals, and expect the people of Arizona to continue paying the price” in money, blood, property damage and theft, health care and education, to the point of warning Arizona residents to stay out of the southern areas of the state which the feds have ceded to the invaders, not the least of which are international terrorists.

As far as Shumway’s claim that SB 1070 “got the federal government going,” it certainly did that. Obama went straight to federal court and the planet’s greatest collection of human rights violators — the United Nations — with suits against Arizona for having the audacity to refuse to passively assume the fetal position while he breaches the constitutional contract that requires him to protect the states from invasion.

If you like the shambles the Democrats have made of the U.S. economy, employment, and energy supply, vote for these three “wonders.” They’ll do the same thing for Arizona.

Terry Putnam


Dan Varnes 6 years, 3 months ago

Awesome letter, Mr. Putnam. You're telling it like it is!


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