Only One Person Shows Up For Barking, Loose Dog Meeting


Sometimes a complainer’s bark is bigger than their bite.

After fielding complaints from several local residents about barking and loose dogs, the Payson Police Department decided to hold an animal control community meeting on Sept. 21 in the Town Council Chambers with several members of the Payson Town Council attending.

Along with Councilors Su Connell and Ed Blair, Payson Police Chief Don Engler made himself available to answer any animal control issues or problems.

Only one resident showed.

“We sure didn’t get a big turnout,” he said.

Despite the lack of attendance, Engler said it is important residents know how to submit complaints.

For months, several residents on the northwest side of town grumbled that nothing was being done about several aggressive and disruptive dogs.

Engler met with the residents and most of those complaints have been resolved.

However, things could have changed quicker if residents had called the police department more.

The No. 1 thing people can do is call, Engler said.

Whenever there is an animal nuisance, call and report it.

This is imperative, Engler explained, because the police department has to build a case against an animal owner to cite them.

For example, if a dog barks incessantly on Monday and a homeowner calls, an officer will go out and give the animal owner a verbal warning. If the barking starts again the next day and someone calls, an officer will go out and give a written warning. If the barking continues and you call again, an officer will issue the animal owner a written citation.

“People need to be persistent,” he said, they also need to be willing to testify in court.

For any legal action to take place, repetitive disruptive behavior needs to be documented.

“We want to help solve the problem,” he said.

Call the PPD at (928) 474-5177 or (928) 474-3288 to make an animal complaint.

Since attendance was lacking at the animal control meeting, Engler said he would not hold another meeting.


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