Payson Fire Department To Hold Open House Oct. 9


Join the members of the Payson Fire Department during their open house Saturday, Oct. 9 for your opportunity to train in compression only CPR.

This short 20-minute lesson including hands on application to department-provided mannequins may make the difference to someone somewhere in the near future.

For witnessed sudden cardiac arrest, recent studies have established the use of compression only CPR as an alternative to conventional CPR, which combines chest compressions and rescue breaths.

The immediate use of continuous chest compressions for a witnessed sudden collapse of an adult patient could significantly increase the chance of surviving sudden cardiac arrest.

It is important to note that compression only CPR is not recommended for children and infants, adults discovered unresponsive, and non-heart-related arrests such as drowning victims, and persons suffering from a drug overdose.

By eliminating the apprehension associated with doing rescue breaths, compression only CPR may encourage more bystanders to take action and attempt CPR when an adult collapse is witnessed. A patient who is unresponsive and not breathing has no chance for survival without help.

Nothing the bystander can do can possibly harm the patient further.

Regardless of the approach, high-quality chest compressions with as few interruptions as possible help keep blood pumping from the heart to the lungs and brain, increasing the odds of successful resuscitation. Once started, either approach to CPR needs to be provided with minimal interruption until another provider takes over; the patient responds; an AED is available for use; or EMS providers can take over.

Join us at the station for a day of education, children’s games and activities. Meet the crew, tour the house, check out the trucks and leave knowing that you can make a difference when you just push here.

The open house will held Oct. 9, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Station 11, 400 W. Main St.

For further information, call (928) 474-5242, ext 300.


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