Pusd ‘Soap Opera’



The “soap opera” at the Payson Unified School District (PUSD) continues unabated. Accusations, dismissals, re-assignments and recriminations appear to be the order of the day in our local school district. The main problems seem to be centered in two areas, i.e., the governing board and the superintendency.

First and foremost, the governing board seems to be dictatorial, myopic, and vindictive. We need to encourage qualified people to run for governing board seats that have no personal agendas, no axes to grind and understand that they are a policy body and not the deciders deciders of personnel matters in the district.

Secondly, superintendents come and they go (our current one came from Nogales, tried to go to the Roosevelt Elementary District this school year, and will probably leave for “greener pastures” in a year or two), but it behooves any superintendent to stand up to any governing board that makes decisions that negatively impacts students and teachers.

Why would any teacher, coach, or administrator want to join PUSD currently when the governing board makes unpopular and unilateral personnel decisions and the superintendent is an apparent rubber stamp for these nefarious decisions?

Roy Sandoval and Tim Fruth, your collective commitments to our community, educational backgrounds, professionalism, wisdom and years of service to PUSD are needed now more than ever in our beleaguered local school district.

Richard K. Meszar


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