Vote Dems Out Of Control



Well ... we all listened today to the president in full campaign mode, talking to people in Albuquerque and Wisconsin, talking with students (his favorite forum), about how much he has done for this country, and the need for them all to get out and vote, to keep the corrupt Republicans from taking over the country!

I guess this is his idea ... of working together, in a new era of mutual respect and compromise? What a joke! His narcissism, and incredible ego has never been more apparent! He demonstrates none of the traits of a true statesman.

He is acting like a cheerleader at a football game, and fighting like a child for his political career! And is an embarrassment to our country!

Please people, vote him out of control in the next election, by rebalancing our government by getting the Dems out of control ... and that especially includes our Rep. Kirkpatrick who has decided to be a Pelosi clone.

Larry Kontz


Dan Varnes 6 years, 3 months ago

Well said.

Kirkpatrick absolutely must be given the boot.


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