Constitution Protects Everyone



In an Oct. 1 letter, “Allen will honor right to life,” C. Suhr expresses the opinion of those who seek to impose their beliefs on others, missing the point of our state and national constitutions.

Bullying is what the U.S. Constitution, and Arizona’s, seeks to avoid, whether by individuals, politicians, government, or corporations.

Unfortunately, our current bullies think the Constitution exists to protect their rights only, not the rest of us. Who are they? Not government. They’re the individuals who promote their religion and belittle the beliefs of others. They’re the individuals who amass wealth by means of hostile takeovers, shady stock transactions, and using public resources to create private wealth. They buy politicians and write laws to benefit themselves and eliminate others’ opportunities.

They take over school boards and interfere with public neighborhood education. They privatize commonly held assets such as government buildings and roads, adding to public debt. They demand failed lower corporate tax policies that don’t create jobs, instead eliminating a base of consumer wealth. They buy up all media outlets and spread rumor campaigns, intimidating everyone.

School kids model society. Innocent schoolmates commit suicide after phone and Internet video harassment.

It’s time to ask whose lives these bullies are honoring, and realize the Constitution protects all of us, not just the powerful, wealthy, and religiously narrow. Revolutionary heroes and our communities deserve our vote against the bullies.

Judy Whitehouse


don evans 6 years, 3 months ago

So what is your contribution to my personal well being? I know, I know, growing Pot and singing we are the world.


Dan Varnes 6 years, 3 months ago

Hope Judy feels better after her rant! They say it's good to 'let off a little steam' every once in awhile.

Now, after her tirade, Judy should read about the REAL problems that America is facing:


Judy Whitehouse 6 years, 3 months ago

Don and Dan, Thanks for reading my letter. Don, I don't know if we agree on much, because I personally believe fruits and vegetables are a better crop. Dan, you might be as astounded as I am about how much we agree on the "what" of our current problems - from the blog you referenced. I'm also encouraged that you value education, as you referenced in your comment on another letter. Perhaps you'll check out the following, and see if we have any agreement on the "how we ended up here and what to do about it."


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