Different Buyers And Their Personalities


If you have been a real estate agent long enough, you discover the many different buyer types and personalities. A personal favorite is the buyer who loves every property they are shown.

They show great interest and over the months, years, and decades that you work with them, they continue to want information on every home that comes on the market. We call them the “I want a home, I just don’t want to pay for it” buyer.

Standard procedure for buying a home is to get a lender pre-approval so that a buyer knows how much of a home they can qualify for and what they can afford.

Occasionally you meet the “no-clue” buyer who does not understand that you cannot buy a home with poor credit and the lack of a minimal down payment. However, if the agent does their job, we can educate the buyer so they may restore their credit and qualify for a home at a later time.

The “low ball” buyer is not exactly a dream come true for agents or sellers. No matter how competitively a home is priced, this buyer will make an unrealistic offer that will assuredly be rejected by the seller.

There is a misconception by some that bank-owned homes can be bought at a price well below listed price. This buyer almost 99 percent of the time does not buy a property.

The “nit-picker” is a buyer who will spend hours going over all the home’s flaws and expect a 40-year-old home to be in the condition of a new home, however, even in a new home they will find flaws.

Unfortunately, they always see the glass as half empty instead of half full. If they do buy something, buyer’s remorse is not uncommon.

The “I was a Realtor once” buyer is the buyer who had their real estate license at one time and gave it up 10-20 years ago. Unfortunately, they do not realize that times, and the housing market may have changed; however, they do still remember the 5 cent Hershey bar and the 10 cent Coke.

Almost anyone in any type of sales profession will have a story or two about that “one” buyer.

Understand that almost all of the buyers that Realtors deal with are realistic, rational, and a pleasure to work with.

Our work is enjoyable because it is about assisting people in a search to find that gold nugget that will be theirs. We also benefit from the other buyers as they make for a good story around the water cooler. This is anything but a boring profession.


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