Do The Math On The New Fire Station



I imagine by now some folks are asking why I keep writing ... well, along with 11 percent of my gross money going to state and local sales taxes, (this does not include federal tax mind you,) and my water bill doubling each year, the county just cashed my check for over $2,000 for my yearly cost of living here, aka property tax. Having said that, think about this:

Cost of new fire station on Tyler Parkway, per Mayor Evans: $2,500,000

Annual cost to run the new fire station, per Chief deMasi: $1,000,000

$1,000,000 x 5 years = $5,000,000

Five-year total: $7,500,000

Ten-year total: $12,500,000

Cost per year to continue using Hellsgate Fire Department just down the road: $160,000

Five-year total: $800,000

Ten-year total: $1,600,000

I’m no mathematician, but even I can see that this new fire station doesn’t add up to a good deal.

The property where the new fire station is going in is very lovely. It would be the ideal spot for a new steakhouse, should the town opt to sell in to an enterprising restaurateur. Of course, the town bureaucrats would have to exert some influence so the new owner could get whatever permits he would need, e.g., fire, liquor, board of health, etc., to open before he went broke; unlike what has happened to the new Thai restaurant ... well not so new anymore, just not opened yet.

Ted Paulk


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