Kirkpatrick Is Sincerely Trying To Represent Voters



In the dozen or so years I’ve lived in Payson, no congressional representative from this district has done as good a job of reaching out and communicating with constituents as Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.

As a registered Independent, I’ve agreed with her on some issues and disagreed on others. However, watching her connect with the diverse views of voters in this massive district by in-person visits and teleconference calls, I’ve never doubted that she was sincerely trying to tap into the varied views of the voters.

That’s what democracy is all about and that’s why I will be voting for her well-deserved re-election.

Don Crowley


Judy Whitehouse 6 years, 3 months ago

Representatives who are available to their constituents and open to ideas and solutions are certainly what we need in Congress. I really respect your point of view.


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