Name Ag Building After Teacher



I am writing this letter to request that the Payson school board name the new ag building in Payson after Wendell Stevens.

There is no one more deserving of such an honor. Wendell has worked for the community and the kids for 30 years, probably put in more hours than any other teacher in the history of Payson. He has traveled extensively with the kids to activities, both in state and out of state, won numerous awards, state/national championships, and devoted more weekend/evening time than anyone I know of.

His students have developed into outstanding supporters of ag education and numerous students have become ag teachers themselves. He has devoted time to educating our children in the co-curricular programs so they could attain college credit, been chairman of the county fair, worked with FFA, 4-H, coached sports teams, been a major supporter of Payson basketball, refereed, worked the games, you name it, Wendell was there.

He has helped to raise all of our Payson children, and has been a mentor to many of them making life decisions. Many a night I drove by the campus to pick up kids or watch a game, and the lights would be on in the old ag building with the white Nova parked outside.

Wendell has worked very hard to see that Payson finally gets the ag building that our students deserve, please honor him with naming the facility accordingly.

Stephaney Bennett


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