Rim Country Needs Organic Farmers Market



I suggest this not just for Payson, but for the surrounding areas — Gisela, Strawberry, Pine, Star Valley and other communities close by, even Camp Verde. A nonprofit organic farmers market would be great.

I know that others have tried it before. I don’t believe in doomsday prophesying, but what if the groceries just can’t make it up here? What if something prevents the trucks from climbing that hill? Food and clean water are essential for our mountain communities. In our mountain communities food is getting more and more expensive and the quality is getting worse.

We do have some gorgeous mountain resources, like clean air and water, and the night sky full of stars (but no observatory in this area), we have wood, and some trout farms too.

The short growing season makes it difficult to get all the vegetables and fruits we need. I realize there are wild berries around, and we could do better with encouraging indigenous plants and berries and squashes.

We have the Arizona Diamonds or quartz crystals in this area as well and they can become energy saving batteries too.

There should be some greenhouse endeavors and we should cooperatively cultivate some farms in Gisela and Camp Verde too to help with growing healthy organic foods that will offset the price of products elsewhere. We will still embrace our local grocery stores for many items, but, this idea should have come along before now.

I am hoping that Payson Center for Spiritual Awareness can host a meeting for all interested parties in the near future.

Please visit our Web site and fill out the form. In the subject line, write Local Farmers Market. All ideas are welcome as we brainstorm the most efficient and practical way to make this happen.

Nancy Lake


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