Barbecue Makes New Generator Possible


Let it rain, let it rain! As I look out my office window, it looks as if the cloud has fallen to the ground with all the mist.

The rain is needed for our majestic ponderosa pine trees and basically for the whole forest. I am hoping that this past week was the last of the hot weather. The air is now nice and crisp and feels wonderful. The forest fire danger has now been alleviated, somewhat. Thank goodness for that.

Hellsgate Fire Department

There will be one more meeting of the Hellsgate Fireflies Auxiliary on Monday, Oct. 11 at station #22 in Tonto Village. The main purpose of the meeting is to finalize the finances and to refine the bylaws. The meeting will start at 2:30 p.m.

The Fireflies have authorized the purchase of a generator for the department for use in any of the fire stations within the district. Thanks to all of the people who helped make the Labor Day barbecue such a success — that was what made this purchase possible.

The Hellsgate Fire Board will be holding its monthly meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 13, at station #21 in Star Valley. The meeting will start at 5:30 p.m.

Bids are now being accepted for the fuel reduction grant in Thompson Draw I. Please call the administration office at (928) 474-3835 for more information.

The bobcat has broken down again! For the residents who are waiting for the brush pickup, please be patient, the bobcat is being worked on.

The next “Friends and Family” CPR class has been scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 16 at the Tonto Village Fire Station. Space will be limited because of the small space, so call the administration office to enroll in this important learning class.

There will be an election of the board members on Nov. 2. There will be two positions available and there will be three people vying for those two positions. I will add a profile of each of the candidates in my column for the next few weeks. The first candidate’s profile will be:

Charlie Conover

Charlie has been a resident of Star Valley for 15 years with his wife Betty. They have been married for 44 years. In the time he has been in Star Valley, Charlie has helped with the merger of the Tonto Village Fire District with Diamond Star Fire District, which became Hellsgate Fire District. Charlie has been on the board for more than five years.

His accomplishments with the Hellsgate Fire District include maintaining current service with budget constraints, paramedic training for department personnel and purchasing later model fire apparatus for safer and trouble-free service.

Charlie’s background includes being a firefighter with the Glendale Fire Department for 27 years and he retired with the rank of captain. He also holds an AA degree in fire science from Glendale Junior College.

Charlie loves to travel, go hunting and fishing and is an avid four-wheeler with the Rim Country Four-Wheelers. He has also been a member of the Tonto Rim Search and Rescue for 12 years. Charlie would like to continue to be a member of the Hellsgate Fire Board and would like your vote.

Birthdays and anniversaries

On Oct. 12, Bill and Janet Snyder will celebrate 53 years of marriage. Whew! Where did the years go?

I was remarking to one of our friends recently, that even after so many years together, I am still learning new things about my spouse. We have done extensive traveling together and have seen much of the United States and have had great fun exploring. I look forward to many more years with a loving, caring husband. The years were not all smooth sailing, but we learned how to solve the problems together. The best advice that we could give to young married people is “don’t sweat the small stuff!” In other words, you don’t have to win every argument, what difference does it make if you have to pick up his socks, or he has to remind you to pay a certain bill. Just go with the flow!

On Oct. 12, Bernita Barker celebrates her birthday. Bernita is the wife of the current pastor of the Tonto Village Chapel, James Barker.

On a personal note, our son, Bill Snyder Jr. of Yuma, will celebrate his 47th birthday. Our anniversary celebration was cut short on the Sept. 12 because Bill Jr. decided that now was the time to come into the world. He arrived at 5 a.m. on the Sept. 13. Happy birthday, son.

Oct. 14 is a busy day for three Tonto Village residents. Betty Koutz, Harvey Poyner and John Watson will all share that day. Stop by the Double D and wish them all a happy birthday.

On Oct. 17, longtime resident Linda Stailey will add another candle to her birthday cake. I wonder if she will make a cake for herself. Linda is a professional wedding cake maker and caterer. Happy birthday to you, Linda.

Bobette “Bobbie” Davis of Tonto Village I will celebrate her big day on Oct. 18.

A happy birthday to all and remember, another birthday means another year of memories.

Double D happenings

On Saturday, Oct. 9, a special “Feed Hunger” pool tournament will be held. Sign up will be at noon. Serious pool playing will start at 1 p.m. Please bring a canned food item to donate. All food will be given to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank. There will be first-, second- and third-place prizes awarded to the players.


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