A Betrayal Of Public Trust



I have been following the Payson Unified School District issues with mounting concern, followed by incredulity over the past few months. I will not comment here on the dismissal of a proven administrative team since it is, as they say, a done deal. As the retired vice president of human resources and administration for a multi-million dollar, nonprofit youth development organization, I believe I have a good perspective on personnel issues. Mr. Meyer’s statement that he only came to the board to fire Roy Sandoval is a betrayal of public trust that is, if not illegal, at the very least immoral and unethical.

What I wish to comment on is the ongoing rhetoric in the paper from the superintendent and school board members regarding the wonderful accomplishments that are occurring at this point at Payson High School.

While I applaud the achievements of the band, am excited by the addition of the new agricultural building and believe the new energy program will benefit our community, I must question the timing here.

There seems to be much discussion of “look what we are accomplishing now” without any mention of the years of planning, work, and foundation building that has to take place in order for this type of progress to occur. It feels as though the board and the superintendent are trying to make an unsuspecting community believe that their “tough decisions” regarding dismissal of longtime, dedicated, proved leaders has brought us into a new and brighter future.

The citizens of Payson are smarter than they give us credit for. We know that these complex projects were not magically accomplished in the past few months. We know that the team we are told to believe was ineffective was there at the inception, was a partner in the planning and ultimate achievement of what the board wants us to believe is “new.”

One of the first lessons of leadership is: allow your accomplishments to speak for themselves while never attempting to demean those who helped get you where you are.

It is unfortunate that the position of superintendent is not an elected position. However, the board positions are. I, for one, will not vote for board members who treat the citizens of this community with such contempt and disregard. I will not support a board that teaches our young people that ethics, loyalty, and honor are disposable commodities.

I respect this community too much for that. I hope others feel the same.

Toni Sarcinella

Payson High School Site Council member


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