Citizens Don’T Want What Kirkpatrick Stands For



In last Tuesday’s edition of the Roundup, Sydney Whitely said it was disturbing to see the attack ads on Ann Kirkpatrick. In your letter you failed to list a lot of things credited to Kirkpatrick.

Let me list them for you. 1. She voted against prohibiting illegal immigrants from receiving state aid. 2. Voted against making it a Class 4 felony to smuggle an illegal into Arizona. 3. Voted against denying bail to illegal immigrants charged with felony offenses. 4. Voted against creating creating a border security fund that would have created a border radar system with cameras. 5. Voted against allowing the National Guard to defend the border if state of emergency is declared by the governor. 6. Sponsored legislation to give tax credit to people seeking amnesty.

She voted for Obama’s stimulus packages and the Obama health care bill. Also voting with the regime 86 percent of the time. Shame on you for not giving her all the credit she has coming. The majority of the U.S. citizens do not want what she stands for. There is a great candidate on the Nov. 2 ballot. His name is Paul Gosar.

Roland Langkabel


Dan Varnes 6 years, 3 months ago

It's essential to the Democrat party that they keep Kirkpatrick in office.


It's essential to the people of Arizona that Kirkpatrick be defeated.


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