How To Stop The Government From Working



Since 1919, filibusters have been stopped in the United States Senate a total of 396 times (

The last two congressional sessions, Democrats have been the majority party in the U.S. Congress. In those two sessions, even though 118 filibusters were stopped, Republicans have successfully killed proposed legislation a total of 144 times.

The past four years, well over half of all proposed legislation has been tossed onto the scrap heap of history without so much as an up or down vote. Is it any wonder it’s so hard for Congress to accomplish anything today?

This is all part of the Republican plan to deliberately stop government from working. It’s part of a playbook to retake Congress and hamstring the change voted for in 2008 — and one that is eerily similar to the one they used in 1994.

This playbook consists of five distinct steps:

Step 1: Avoid responsibility for GOP failures

Step 2: Increase negativity

Step 3: “Throw the Bums Out!”

Step 4: The New Contract on America

Step 5: Retake Congress

If you wonder why little good seems to come out of Congress, look no further than the obstructionists. Their stated goal is to get all of us peons so polarized and disenchanted with the perceived lack of progress that we’ll vote them back into power.

Is it going to work in 2010?

Seems like déjà vu all over again. It’s Robin Hood in reverse. Take from the poor and give to the rich — and the rich corporations — now funding Republican candidates anonymously to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

There’s only one way to keep it from happening. Vote your conscience. Most important of all, vote!

Larry Brophy


Judy Whitehouse 6 years, 3 months ago

Very well said. We've watched it happen on confirmations of judges, military appointments, and legislation. They've used Senate procedure as a political weapon. That kind of destruction is what they do best.


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