Teachers, Staff At School District Are Amazing



As I read all the stuff that is going on in the school district and listen to some complaining about employees in the district who have been let go, I remember when we went through lay-offs when I was on the school board. We had to cut elementary PE, lost some teachers, and other administrators. It was hard. We caught a lot of criticism for not cutting more administration. This year, to address large budget deficits, they cut more administration and got more criticism for it. You always try to stay away from the classroom for cuts if you can.

Every time school board elections come around, I remember something I was told by a seasoned board member. She said, “You will probably only make half of the people happy all

of the time. There are lots of things the public doesn’t know because of confidentiality issues. Just be sure that when you make a decision, the kids are the focus.” Being a board member is a thankless and difficult job, and I applaud those on the board for making tough decisions and sticking with them.

The teachers and staff in the district are amazing and continue to do a great job in spite of the negative letters to the editor. I hope we all support the staff of the Payson Unified School District and help in any way we can. Payson is a great place to live, and the school district is a big part of that.

Albert Hunt


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