Wild Highway Chase

Spike strips end 95 mph flight down the Beeline


Police used spike strips to finally end a careening, 39-mile, high-speed chase down Highway 87, which bashed an officer’s car and scattered furniture down the highway.

Police on Friday arrested John C. Stockhoff, 46, on charges of unlawful flight, reckless driving, endangerment, possession of stolen property, criminal damage, aggravated assault, possession of dangerous drugs for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of prescription drugs and driving with a revoked driver license, according to a Department of Public Safety (DPS) public information officer.

The chase kicked off about 9:40 a.m. when a DPS officer attempted to stop Stockhoff’s silver Ford Ranger extended cab pickup for speeding roughly 10 miles south of town on southbound Highway 87.

Stockhoff fled the scene, at one point striking a patrol vehicle and leading at least three officers on a high-speed chase that at times hit 95 mph.

Over the police scanner, officers tailing Stockhoff reported to dispatch that Stockhoff was driving erratically down Highway 87, weaving around vehicles and RVs with a load of household items falling from the pickup bed into the roadway. At one point, an officer radioed, “This is not going to go good.”

An officer tried to drive in front of Stockhoff’s vehicle, but Stockhoff’s erratic driving thwarted the attempt.

As the three officers tried to keep up with Stockhoff, other DPS officers closed the northbound lanes of Highway 87 near milepost 203. Another officer deployed spike strips where the north and southbound lanes merge at the construction zone at milepost 207.

A DPS supervisor radioed that the officers should stay back from Stockhoff with slow-moving traffic in the area. Officers following radioed again that items were flying off Stockhoff’s truck, which had Colorado license plates.

“There is an awful lot of debris on the roadway,” a DPS officer reported over the radio.

At milepost 215, after nearly 26 miles, the three DPS officers were told to back off so they would not drive over the spike strips. Stockhoff sped ahead at roughly 90 mph, over a hill and out of sight. Several tense minutes later, at about 10:15 a.m., Stockhoff’s truck struck the strips, blowing out two tires.

Stockhoff continued driving, spewing tire debris until the truck eventually went into the median near milepost 202. Officers apprehended Stockhoff from the truck without incident.


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