Christopher Creek Has Been Rumbling Lately



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Former Christopher Creek resident and serious biker Frank Cayton now is in the Valley running a real estate business, AVIP Realty.

Hello again, fellow Creekers.

The appropriately named Thunder Mountain Motorcycle Rally just finished up. This was technically a Payson event, but it the spillover was felt in Christopher Creek. Someone also organized a specific smaller rally right here in Christopher Creek a couple of weeks earlier. Combined, that was two weekends almost back-to-back of motorcycle mania.

I rode motorcycles as a kid and have many friends with some rather amazing bikes. In fact, one of my closest friends, Frank, has a really nice bike and does some pretty serious riding. Frank’s company ran the place up here for me for about a year. For those of you who didn’t know Frank, he is a real character and quite the entertaining fellow. People to this day always ask me how he’s doing and ask what he’s up to. I am proud to report that his real estate business, AVIP Realty in the Valley is doing well and he’s still good ol’ Frank!

Most people associate motorcycle rallies with loud noise and raucous parties. The name of the event after all is Thunder Mountain! Motorcycles are not inherently noisy. In fact, they come off the assembly line running pretty quiet. It’s the very popular aftermarket add-ons that make the bikes exhaust loud and above the EPA standard noise pollution rating of 80dB. Due to the way Christopher Creek is laid out, even one motorcycle heading down the Loop rumbles this whole area.

One can see how it might be tempting for local businesses to want this seemingly big influx of new business that can potentially come with groups of this size, but at what cost? Alienating the community of which you are a part? Driving the other 99 percent of customers away who came here expecting peace and quiet (but will remember how loud it was, and will tell their friends, and not come back). And that is the best-case scenario!

Just a couple of weeks ago, Chino Valley, Ariz. was made famous with a full-blown article in USA Today, where the motorcycle rally turned into a real gunfight. Over 50 rounds were fired and five people were shot. There were 27 arrests made with some of the charges being attempted murder.

Folks ask me all the time what is my favorite thing about Christopher Creek. My answer is always the same, “Christopher Creek is a beautiful little friendly community where you can go and breathe some fresh air and relax by enjoying the quiet sounds of nature.”

Thanks again for reading the column.


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