Kirkpatrick Has Learned Enough



For a clearer picture of our Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, I want to relate my visit with her, a year ago in August.

My wife and I attended one of her few town halls, where she personally showed up. It was a 98-degree afternoon, and she seated herself under a tent shade in the middle of the parking lot at Safeway and proclaimed that she would have a private conversation, at a small card table with all 200-plus people ... one at a time.

Her “assistants” kept everyone far back from that table to ensure that the conversation, and ... her comments could not be overheard.

When I finally got to her “magic” table, I emphatically stated that I strongly believed that no meaningful health care reform could be addressed without substantial legal tort reform.

Her head was bobbing up and down like the little doggie in the back window of the car, and she said that I was absolutely right, and she totally agreed. My follow-up to her then, was, “Then ... you won’t vote for a bill that doesn’t contain those reforms?” The head quit bobbing, and there was a surprised, absolute silence from her, and ... she refused to answer that question.

Ann, is indeed, a very quick study, and has learned the ways of Nancy and her Washington brethrens, in less than one full term. Let’s all agree that she has learned enough ... and remove her from office in November, and put Paul, a non-lawyer, and actual business owner in.

Larry J. Kontz


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