Lack Of Loyalty To Local Business



This weekend, the well-publicized and much talked about “Thunder Mountain” Motorcycle Rally came to Payson and hopefully, stimulated the economy of our town. The organizers asked all of us to adapt to some road closures and detours for the benefit of the rally. There are some who probably felt inconvenienced in some way by the influx of traffic and people, but accepted it as a benefit to the local economy.

The chamber has touted the saying “be loyal, shop local” for years, and again, this is beneficial to our economy. Yet I noticed numerous portable toilets at the rally that were not provided by a local merchant. In the phone book, under portable toilets in the Yellow Pages, there are listings for Wrangler Plumbing, Little Stinker, and Quality Pumping. All three of these companies are local and taxpaying members of the area. Yet, from what I understand, they were not contracted for this event and the issue was not financial. One can’t help but wonder how many other local businesses were bypassed.

To the organizers of the “Thunder Mountain” rally, you should be ashamed of yourselves for snubbing our local businesses for whatever reason you had. These people pay taxes and they are here year-round to service the community, and to go elsewhere for service is deplorable.

I suspect this will open some eyes about loyalty and to what causes they should donate. I think at the very least you owe the above listed businesses an explanation for why you chose to take your business out of town instead of being loyal and shopping local.

Tim Hughes


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