Pe Money Should Be Spent On Teachers, Not Equipment



The most astounding fact in the article about the $1.4 million grant to expand PE in the Payson Unified School District is that now students only have PE one day a week. All students should be required to take PE every school day. They should be graded on attendance and effort — not proficiency. Everyone who participates to the best of their ability should be able to get an A.

Second is the fact that they intend to spend the money on a ropes adventure course and high-tech equipment. Spend the money on more PE teachers. Why are we teaching students that you need expensive equipment in order to exercise? What’s wrong with inexpensive items like jump ropes, free weights, CDs for aerobics or Zumba, hula hoops, stretch bands, walking or running, or mats for floor exercises?

With PE five days a week, you would see the improvement in not only the students’ bodies, but in the quality of their work in other classes.

Carol Stanton


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