Drop In Polls Should Equal Debates



Now that the seemingly insurmountable lead in the polls our appointed governor has enjoyed has evaporated quicker than a mid-July monsoon storm over the Mazatzal Mountains, will she finally come out from hiding from voters? Why won’t she debate her opponents on the issues that are important to voters in Arizona? Selecting a leader in these trying times should not be a game of hide and seek. Why doesn’t the Democratic nominee debate the Libertarian and/or Green Party candidates if the Republican nominee refuses to debate him again? In other words, voters deserve to know where our candidates for governor stand on issues as diverse and important as the economy, education, immigration, prisons, roads, tourism, etc.

It’s difficult to determine who can best lead our state and who to vote for when most if not all of the candidates seem to be in hibernation mode from their respective campaigns as the date for early voting has already commenced.

Richard K. Meszar


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