Kirkpatrick Works Hard For Her Communities



I feel I must respond to the letter stating that Ann Kirkpatrick is out of touch with her public. Perhaps the writer is unaware of who “her public” is. Rep. Kirkpatrick serves the area of northeastern Arizona, which comprises the large Indian Nations, all of the Rim Country and the mining communities south and east of us in Globe, Miami, Superior, and much more.

This area is home to a large number of people, many of whom are poor and unemployed. These, all of us, are the public Ann Kirkpatrick has pledged to represent.

Rep. Kirkpatrick has been an independent, thoughtful representative, finding common-sense solutions to solve problems and create jobs. In regard to immigration, she supports having more patrols, a fence on the border, and a guest-worker program. Close to home, she has helped procure a $10.5 million grant to build the Blue Ridge pipeline and is working with the Forest Service, the Sierra Club and environmental groups on a $3 million grant to help thin our forests.

Rep. Kirkpatrick is working with other Democrats and some Republicans in Congress to get copper mining back on track. This new project (the Copper Basin Project), is expected to employ 2,500 people. This is only some of what Ann is doing for us, her constituents.

She has not always agreed with the administration. She has been an independent and hard-working representative. It’s too bad Paul Gosar is afraid to debate her. The above-mentioned letter writer should urge his candidate to stand up and face Ann to discuss the issues. That is the only way voters can really judge this race for themselves.

Fern Spears


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