Politician: How About Working For Voters?



For more than 60 years I have heard Republicans talk about the federal government as if it were some great, terrible, foreign power that was going to take away our freedom. Don’t they remember that the majority of Americans voted our leaders into power?

When I read that 70 percent oppose “Obamacare,” it doesn’t make sense in as much as the majority of voters voted him into office based on, among other things, health care reform. It’s always 70 percent, no matter what the issue.

In the recent LD5 debate, it was our state versus the feds. Sylvia Allen seemed to think that if she talked loud enough and long enough she would convince people she was representing their views. On the other hand, Brenda Barton thinks that her state rooted boots will convince everyone she is right. She is quoted as saying she will put her boots to work “kicking a little you-know-what” if she has any opposition.

Sounds like bullying is part of the “new” politics and I for one am weary of that approach. Rather than “fighting” for the voters, how about “working” for the voters. That would be refreshing.

Sylvia Freeman


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