State Needs Some Tough Love From Officials



More thoughts on that Oct. 5 candidate forum. More accurately, thoughts on the guest comments so prominently featured in the Oct. 15 Roundup.

Both struck me as adventures in creative writing, rather than substantive opinion. Both emphasized appearances and hopes rather than a depth of understanding.

Sensible solutions in the crosshairs? Really? More likely a statement of the goal rather than what it takes to achieve the goal. Middle of the road is the place to be? Give me a break. Proposing that as a strength? More like avoiding offering something better than those not in the middle.

All of this from nice people. What a shame. I’ve heard them — more than once in several different forums — and realized they are really likeable individuals. Likableness is what has got us into this mess. Now it’s time to join those prepared with some tough love, clear thinking, and principles rather than platitudes.

That’s Sylvia Allen, Brenda Barton and Chester Crandall, each of them so much better grounded, prepared and ready, willing, and able to represent us as Legislative District 5 at the State House.

That’s who deserves our votes. Our votes deserve more than those who can so easily “make nice” while getting us deeper in the hole.

Lew Levenson


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