Where Are Tonto Basin Residents?



I am a member of the chamber of commerce and the Kiwanis Club and my husband was a member of the Marine Corps League and the VFW. I wanted to live in this community because it seemed that the people who lived here took care of their own and was proud of the fact that we didn’t need outside help.

To tell you how I really feel about the last few times we have had highway cleanup and cemetery cleanup and all the other projects to help our citizens would take a while. Where are all of you?

On Saturday, we had our annual cleanup of the cemetery. We do this before Memorial Day and again before Veterans Day. I don’t know that many people buried there, but I’m there to help anyway. We had six people show up at 7 a.m., three of them were in their 70s, one will be 89 in a few weeks. By 8 a.m. we had another six adults and four teens show up. We got the job done, but without the help of most of the people who have loved ones buried there. We had 16 people comprised of five Kiwanians, two VFW members, one Marine Corps League member and two of the cemetery committee members (one is also a Kiwanis member).

Again, where was the rest of the community, especially the ones who have family members and loved ones there? Where were the rest of the Kiwanians, VFW members, Marine Corps League and chamber members? Where are the people who are given help by these organizations? Are you so much busier than the rest of us?

I have a full-time job, a house to take care of, yard work of my own to do, laundry, etc., but I still try to do the best I can to help where I can.

Do you think we get paid for doing all that we do? Fat chance. And we don’t do it for the recognition, but because we have pride in our community and want to show it to everyone. We like our cemetery and the highway free of litter and debris so we get out and do our part. It just gets more difficult because we don’t see any of the younger people in this community stepping up and helping out.

Anyone who lives in this community is eligible to be interred in our cemetery. The only money they pay for this privilege is to the person who digs the hole and a one time fee of $50 to cover all the paperwork. There is no money in the cemetery fund to pay someone to keep the weeds down, to trim back the cactus that is taking over the whole northeast corner, to pickup the plastic flowers, pots and decorations that get blown all over the place or to even buy weed killer. We can’t use anything to kill the weeds that might kill the evergreens planted or the cactus. All we need is a few people in this community to come help us when we do these projects. It is always on our bulletin boards and in the paper.

Yvonne Quick


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