Bohlmeyer Committed To Improving Education



Elections should result in what’s best for Arizona and that requires examining Arizona’s resources. It doesn’t seem a stretch to argue that Arizona’s children are among its most vital resources and consequently, each of us should consider actions that are in the best interest of this most precious resource.

Even in areas rich in retirees, consideration must be given to health and educational services available to our children. Although thoughtful people will disagree on priorities and resource allotment, most of us will grant the quality of education offered to our children should be a major concern if Arizona is to thrive in this increasingly competitive economy. Jobs for a poorly educated work force will be become increasingly a non-obtainable goal.

It would then seem in our collective best interest to evaluate those running for office in terms of their understanding of the importance of public education and the need to support efforts to enhance Arizona’s educational system from preschool through higher education.

Elaine Bohlmeyer is such a candidate. Elaine is committed to improving educational programs for all our children throughout Gila County. Her past performance of community involvement and leadership ensures that her election to the Arizona Senate will provide a voice for our most valuable resource — children.

With elected officials such as Elaine Bohlmeyer, Arizona’s children have an advocate who will work in their best interest, which is in all of Arizona’s best interest.

Diane Bricker


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