Candidate Has No Position On Tonto Creek Bridge Proposal



I have tried via e-mail and voice mail to get this candidate to respond to a simple question for two weeks. Paul Gosar has refused to declare if he is for the Tonto Creek Bridge project. He likes to tell people how Ann Kirkpatrick ducks questions, well he ain’t bad at it either. If you go to his Web site, you will find he has no declared positions about anything happening in the first Arizona district, only how much he hates the president.

After two unreturned e-mails, I was able to get a phone number for him in Flagstaff. I left a very polite, detailed message for him on his voice mail asking him to call me, or an aide, to explain his position on the bridge. If he did not, that I would have to report he was against the bridge project. It appears that is the case.

Voters in Tonto Basin beware, this guy does not have your back. I don’t think Gosar could find Tonto Basin with a map. Do you really think Congress will pass a $20 million bill for this bridge, if the local rep is opposed to it?

Ann Kirkpatrick has worked hard for us, let’s remember that next week.

Chris Hansel


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