Don’T Distort The Truth



This letter is in response to a letter from Larry Koontz re: Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick. I was at the event at Safeway from the time Ann got there until she left. Ann had a definite time schedule that day, including a meeting at the county office with public safety personnel after her meeting at Safeway. She never intended to speak publicly to the crowd — that had been announced previously. The intent was to meet one on one with as many people as possible.

There was no tent in the middle of the parking lot — it was not 98 degrees — nobody had to stand out in the sun waiting for their turn. The event was under the overhang, in the shade, at the front of the Safeway store.

The person was prohibited from harassing Ann (as they had been doing elsewhere in the country) by Dan Dillon, Safeway manager. Ann made an honest effort to talk to as many people as possible, and even stayed longer than planned, causing her to be late for her next meeting.

Some guy met with Ann who obviously had his own agenda. He tried to get Ann to sign his petition requiring everyone in Congress to have the same health care as everyone else. After she declined three times he was told his time was up — after he had received double the time of everyone else.

There may be some valid, honest criticisms of Ann as a congresswoman. But one should not indulge in lying or distorting the truth in order to make their point. If they have to do that, they have no valid point.

Mike Voden


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