Hikers Find Four Horses On Rim


A group of Pine hikers say they are worried for four horses, apparently wandering alone through the forest off the Rim Road, near Hi-View Point.

Chris Tetzloff said he and several other hikers from the Pine Strollers were hiking into Miller Canyon Monday morning when they came across two pintos and two bays.

“We caught a forest ranger on the way out to notify him and he said that (the Forest Service) have been trying to find the owners, but no luck,” Tetzloff said.

The ranger said the horses have been in the woods for at least a week.

Tetzloff estimates the horses are at least 16 hands high and possibly part draft horse, given the size of their hooves.

“They did not have any halters or brands and there were no nearby hunting camps,” he said. “They were as tame as lambs and followed us like dogs, so they are definitely not wild horses.”

For now, the horses have grass and water and appear in good health.


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