Political System Is Broken



By now, it should be obvious that our federal political system is broken. The voters have been disenfranchised by the money gods of various corporations, organizations and the special interest

nterest groups. With few exceptions, nobody in Washington is looking out for your welfare.

The objective for most politicians is to remain an incumbent. In spite of what the voters say, we are strongly influenced by what we see and hear from the news media. Each election cycle seems to create a laps of memory, erasing all the previous years of exploitation and abysmal results. It is a proven fact, that the more media exposure a politician has, the better his/her chances for re-election.

This news media attention requires tons of money; the political expenditure during the last presidential election cycle was around $5 billion. In order to obtain these funds, the political establishment has any number of willing partners who are prepared to pay huge sums for influence, favorable legislation, kickbacks, contracts, etc.

In order for the voter to regain his/her proper status and influence, we must change our election system. Here are a few examples:

  1. Control the source of campaign funds with public finance for elections.

  2. Revise the Constitution to repeal the three Supreme Court’s decisions that: a) equate money with free speech, b) treat corporate entities as sovereign individuals, and c) allow corporations unlimited campaign advertising.

  3. Strengthen the FCC Fairness Doctrine to break up the media monopolies.

  4. The news media must reveal the sources of newscast releases from PACs or other lobbyist organizations.

The undue influence of money must be taken out of political campaigns to help bring an end to our corrupt political campaigns and our corrupt political system.

Denise Miller


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